How I Go "CLICK" ...

Bring on the Wild Ideas

No idea is too out-there for your brand. I love getting my hands dirty with new concepts and projects full of risk and whimsy. I've always been a photographer who has thrived by doing things a bit outside of the box.

Full Brand Immersion

Long days in biology labs, wandering the halls of a hospital, dodging cooks in a crowded kitchen. These are the things that make for an honest image. Getting fully immersed in a client's operation is fuel for my creative engine.

Location Portraits

Need it done in a real location? Need it done fast but still magazine cover quality? I'm your guy. Light-weight lighting set-ups and creative lighting are my forte' and I never get sick of hauling full gear bags up flights of stairs!

Atmosphere Over Here

Sometimes a brand isn't about a product or place. It's a lifestyle, a vibe, or a warm fuzzy feeling. I get that and I love shooting collections that represent a brand beyond the obvious. Long-term projects and travel make me smile. ;-) 

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